Can anyone help?

hi everyone
I am wondering if anyone can identify with a problem I am having? I experience terrible heaviness in my feet particularly my left foot during the night. It awakens me from whatever sleep I am getting which isn’t great and I am left feeling very uncomfortable until I get out of bed and put my foot to the floor, I also experience a lot of lower back pain on my left side, I also have a lot of numbness in my left foot, Are these symptoms typical of PD or could there be something else at play? I do have a history of cardiac problems and circulation issues. i was diagnosed with PD in March 2021. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi boomerang83, that sounds similar to me. Quite some years ago I had sciatica which showed as numbness and tingling in my right foot and leg. Happily all resolved. Then about 2 months ago I started getting lower back pain in my left backside spreading into my thigh and calf, very similar to my earlier sciatica. Reading around it seems that PD and sciatica might be linked. I’m seeing my GP tomorrow so I’ll ask his opinion and let you know. The heavy feet sound familiar, definitely a PD issue. Are you taking any PD meds? Maybe you need a slow release ldopa overnight?

Hi Neil, thanks for reply. I hadn’t really considered sciatica as it is more of a nerve pain. Mine is more like a dull pain which is still bothersome. I do take a slow release madopar at night but it doesn’t seem to prevent my left leg becoming heavy. When I arise from a sitting position the backs of my legs and thighs are incredibly stiff. So I am wondering if I need a medication other thing, is the timing of medication important?Thanks again for your response

Hi boomerang83. Update on my GP appointment. His reaction was, assume it is not PD-related until we know otherwise, referred me to a MSK practitioner (who was great, diagnosed it as ridiculopathy) and now working through exercises, etc. Back to your problem, I suggest you contact your GP. The idea that you treat it as not PD until you know otherwise seems sensible and if it is purely MSK related, it might be a straightforward fix. Having said that, do you do any PD exercise? The stiffness may be the PD as you suspect, and some managed exercise may help. I would contact my PD practitioners who I know are keen on exercise and would refer me to a local group. You may have a similar system. Sorry, that is a bit rambly. Is it any help? N

Just to but in a little late on this post, I can’t really comment on the actual problems you are discussing but NeilT, with thanks to his GP, does make a very valid point that is all too frequently not considered ie just because you have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s it doesn’t mean that everything is caused by it, It is an easy assumption to make since Parkinson’s tentacles are far reaching. It is always worth considering all options because it might be something simply treated and have nothing to do with your Parkinson’s. This actually happens a lot with no basis at all. If I’m a bit quiet someone will assume I’m tired because of Parkinson’s when in fact I might just be listening to someone. If I.m a bit cross someone will assume I’m having a bad day with my Parkinson’s - wrong I’m just cross because x promised y and let me down. So I would agree that whilst a lot can and probably is linked to our Parkinson’s we shouldn’t assume that because it may not be.

Thanks, Tot. Wise words as ever. It reminds me of something I heard recently, maybe the Movers and Shakers podcast, where someone commented “Your ears are sticking out more. Is it PD?”

Boomerang83, how are things progressing? Have you had any resolution?


That sums it up nicely NeilT :rofl: