Can anyone recommend a Stand Aid?

My mother who has PD is having difficulty in getting off her bed, up from her chair/toilet/comode and I am a present lifting her out these which I know is not good for me let alone her.  I have been advised that before I can get any respite carers in, I must get a Stand Aid to aid her to get up, as the carers are not allowed to lift by law.  Can any recommend a stand aid that they have used which is reliable and fairly easy to use both for me and Mother?

Hello nearly60

There is a confusing number of types of stand aid available so I would suggest you contact your local occupational therapy dept or ask the GP for a referral so that your mother can be assessed and the most beneficial aid can be loaned for as long as you need it.  If it becomes inappropriate your mother can be reassessed and a different one provided.

Best wishes Hattie

Hello Hattie,

Thank you for your reply, I have now contacted our local OT for them to come and do an assessment on Mother.  A bad weekend for her, everything closed down on Friday night, a trip to A&E, incase of an infection, but clear so sent home at 1 am in the morning.  A fall on Saturday night and one early on Sunday morning so kept her in bed most of yesterday.  Have got her up this morning, 'Can anyone tell me why she can blow her nose using her right hand but not be able to feed herself using same right hand?

Thank you again.