Can anyone recommend flotation therapy

I'm interested in having flotation therapy but unsure whether it will be of much benefit to me. My main symptoms are stiffness - especially in my neck, shoulder & arm to my left side, but also in my leg. Taking Medopar but symptoms worse pm and really feel I need to find something to assist the movement again. I'm 37 with two young children and really want to do something that will work with meds to help me feel better. Has anyone tried floatation therapy or can anyone give me a few suggestions on things they've tried? 

interesting. i have recently been floating in a nice warm swimming pool and can recommend it highly. however i would be very wary of sensory deprivation - people with pd are prone to hallucinations and encouraging them by denying sensory input doesnt sound like a good idea to me. 

my doctor has recently given me an anti-inflamatory. this very nicely takes away most of the aches and pains of stiffness. also stretching and massage are good, though not too vigorous. many people use yoga.

anti-inflamatory take away the pain intresting never heard that !

I've not found anything yet that has stopped the irritating aches and pains and reluctant to take anti inflammatory as always suffered when I have taken them for other issues. Although, unsure how it will work to alleviate the aches and pains of PD... However, I have just kind of made a decision not to take anything else. Going to see an osteopath who has been recommended to me by my consultant in February, he has a special interest in PD, I'm hoping with  his help and my increase of medopar that I will feel better. Unsure now about the flotation therapy now though :-((  just thought it maybe a way of banking some much needed sleep!! (They say 1 hr flotation is the same as 4 hours sleep!


most of my aches are tendonitis sort of aches. i am taking naxproxen which an nsaid. it doesnt work 100% but seems to help. pd causes muscle stiffness - tendons are stretched and become inlamed - anti-inflamatory reduces inflamation. of course a new set of side effects is possible.

i found thata lot of my pain .Was nerve pain taking gabapentin really helped ! i also used to osteopath once a week at gp that helped a lot,left all of sudden tho.waiting for new one ,keep telling me ! budget cuts hmm

hi turnip      ..i also tried naxproxen did not do a thing,diplofenic worked for the pain real good !

hi gus

suppose it might depend on the type of pain?

the really scary pain is the one that only exists in the brain

dont want that my mate eek

have you looked at that ,patientlikeus website

my neck is always really painful along with my arm and leg which my consultant says is due to over 2 years of stiffness and lack of movement. Paracetamol doesnt work and ibuprofen has me doubled in stomach pain, therefore I guess this is why it doesnt work for me. Massage is nice but pain is back straight after. So ideally I'm looking for a long term plan that can get me up and about with my 10 & 11 year old boys and feeling comfortable.I will take a look at the website Gus, thank you.

watermelon,  i really do recomend gabapentin,give it a try does it for me ,had pd for 8yrs

Hi watermelon, 

A person at my support group recommended flotation therapy, think the relief lasted for a day and a half.

Another uses acupuncture on the painful area to relax the muscles.

I use massage (trigger points and targetting trouble spots).

More medication for me would mean less muscle tension. It's a matter of what I am prepared to put up with.

All of us agreed stretches and exercise helped.