Can anyone relate?

It seems to be the case that what ever is going on at night, affects how I feel during the day. This morning I turned over in my sleep and my heart rate shot through the roof and woke me up. My body is completely wrecked again. Weak and I feel poisoned. This started in October right through to January. Although I was left unable to walk more than a mile or drive more than 3, I felt better generally. Until Jan, I was in my bedroom. Now, this week it has all started up again. I am scared. Is it pD or MSA? Do you get better and then worse again? My neurologist said that I have slight walking problems on my right side and slight reduced arm swing. He has scheduled MRI and lumbar puncture. My symptoms get better as the day goes on and what is happening at night is wrecking my body. Please help someone? I am desparate. Loud noise or sudden movement is pushing me over the edge. I have a four year old. I cant cope. When I stand I am shaking. I cant understand why I am this ill again. It is not anxiety. It is real and scary. In November I called ambulances but it does no good.

are you  on any medication?

I get that heart thing at night sometimes. In my case it seems to have something to with the stomach  - it tends to be worse after spicy food or caffeine. Tell your doctor about the heart rate problem. I ended up with atrial fibrulation. beta blockers helped with that.

you tend to only get worse with pd. unlike Multiple Sclerosis which has remissions. 

over-reaction to loud noises is quite common..

Its good your  neuro is doing tests - at least he is still looking for a diagnosis - have you had a datscan?

I am on 20 mg of amytriptyline and 2 mg diazapam. I haven't had a day scan but my neuro is scheduling another MRI and a lumbar puncture and some other tests. There is quite a wait for these things though. Today I am weak as a kitten and on standing my diaphragm spasms. I feel bruised and sore all over. Just about managed a shower. I feel so nauseous but more like car sick. I still have an appetite. It is good that they are finally going to do some proper tests again. Having a lot more blood work done again next week. Re tests mainly. I have barely left the house this week. Going stir crazy but too weak to shower. I managed it but then back in bed. Where has my life gone? Thanks for replying. I feel like my nerves are on the edge. I am mentally fine but what ever is physically wrong is wearing my nerves to shreds. Like when you have a sick bug or flu but much worse.

Dear Minxish

I feel terribly sorry for how you are feeling. To me it doesn't sound like parkinson's. Obviously thats not a diagnosis, but it doesn't fit with what I've experienced or what I believe most people feel. 

please keep us up to date with how things progress.

good luck

Hi, Minxish,

I too am so sorry for the way you are feeling. It is of course very important that they find what is affecting you a.s.a.p., so they can help you with the right medication.

I can only hope that things get resolved soon for you . All the very best and try to stay positive meanwhile . Keep us posted.


Thanks. It is good to hear your responses. I know what you mean TURNIP. I have searched this site for symptoms like mine and the whole sleep thing is bizarre. I hope you all as well as you can be.

Hello minxish

                Without knowing the results of MRI scans, its not really possible to  give a correct answer, but I have  endured virtually all the symptoms you mention from late 98 through to 2009 , my Nurse Specialist had been trying different medication but she was of the opinion that my body had adjusted and simply coped better with the level of PD affecting me at that time, with help from Madopar and Tolcapone,but  if it is PD you will  

be given the appropriate medicine, fear not, you will feel better, it may take a while but you will overcome this.

                                         Best Wishes   Fed