Can I be cheeky n ask

Hi can I be cheeky n ask ,I was Dx with Parkinson's just a few weeks ago am now on 4 mg of ropinirole as the doctor has told me I need to increase my dose weekly ,I still work full time so I don't get any benefits it's costing me a future does any one now it I can get my med for free x
sorry, no.

but you can buy a pre-payment certificate which works out much cheaper depending on how many prescriptions you get.

£29 10 for 3 months
£104 for a year.

Thanks that's still cheaper then wot am paying ,that's is all so new to me never even had a sick note before x
There is a starter pack, or there was when my husband started. This is prescribed as one item so should work out a lot cheaper and easier than doc keep changing the dose.
Hi Howie,
When I was working and put on medication I asked my Doctor if I could have
my prescriptions for two months instead of one which he did this cut my charges by half.
Hi Howie,
I just found this on the NHS choices website and thought it might be helpful.

It outlines prescription charges (including a rise as of April this year) and well as information on certificates, exemptions and help with costs.

I hope it helps.