Can I drive under section 88?

I didn’t want to hijack someone else’s post…
I did report the diagnosis to DVLA - my neurologist told me to and told me I wouldn’t have an issue with driving.
I just got a letter in the post asking me to send back my license and sign re a medical one.
I’m trying to figure out if I can or can’t drive whilst waiting. Cuz otherwise you can appeal their decision.

Hello E … That is exactly what happened to me. I had to send in my driving license & fill out the relevant medical license form [valid for the usual 3 years from age 70]. My [old] Driving License was valid date-wise … you don’t say whether your old license had expired.

The DVLA did keep me in the loop as to what was happening. I assume they will write to you. You don’t say if the letters were recent?

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Thank you Steve!

My old license is valid.
They’re asking me to send it in I’m assuming to replace it with a medical license.

Were you able to drive whilst awaiting a new license?

I think the 3 years is about the condition not age? Because I’m 29 and the letter (form is just a name and ticking a box I think) says the medical license would last 3 years.

Hello E … I’m 69 years & 11 months old so my old license expired when I was 70. If
I did not have Parkinson’s my old license would only have lasted 3 years [age 73] before going through a renewal process, same as my new medical license.

Yes, I drove while the DVLA had my old driving license. I don’t know about a 29 year old’s driving license situation. Logically if your medical people say you are fit to drive then you will be fine.



Thank you!

HI Steve while my license was at DVLA they said it was ok to drive with my GP permission but I could not see him telling me I can drive when consultant still has to give all clear, but MAIN thing don’t forget to get in touch with your Insurance (if you have not contacted them already) as they need to be informed that you have Parkinson’s.

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Good morning mary1947 … As you know I have told the DVLA that I have Atypical Parkinson’s. Someone somewhere had told me that I did not need to tell my car insurance company. So to make sure I phoned my company LV INSURANCE this morning.

They told me that as long as my medical people tell me I am fit enough to drive then I do not need to tell them [LV] that I have Parkinson’s or any other medical ailment for that matter.

Of course other car insurance companies may be different.

Best wishes

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Hi Steve 2 I only mentioned about your car insurance because when I was diagnosed it was my consultant who said that I should tell my insurer, Well it’s better to be safe than sorry,

Hello mary1947 … Better safe than sorry. I’m pleased I checked.