Can I go back?

can anyone out there give me some advice

I was on Requip, got to 8 mg before suffering the effects of hallucinations, sparkly vision, etc, etc, etc.

I reduced down to 6 mg and all of those symptoms went, Still had a swirly head, but then I've had that for the last 6/7 years.

I went to see my neurologist who has decided the dopamine agonists do not suit me and has referred me to a Parkinson's specialist, which begs the question why did he put me on the neupro patches?

Anyway, I started on 2mg, and now on 4mg. But I'm so stiff, achy, queasy, and swirly.

My question is, should I just persist with the patches and see what happens. Or should I go back to 6 mg Requip until I see the specialist?

Well my GP even let me go back to the Requip?

Any suggestions gratefully received
sorry, not sure how that happened. But in the wrong place

its not for me to give medical advice, but the only alternative seems to be to be l-dopa. going to patches seems slightly bizarre. ldopa, like the advert says 'its the real thing'. DAs are mainly a sort of holding pattern trying to put of the inevitable. some people can put it of for years . some cant. Personnally i found the move to l-dopa the best thing i've done, if DAs were not working i'd have no doubts.
so i'm only saying consider l-dopa as an option.