Can ibis oil?

What can anyone tell me about it ????

Theres some reviews on Amazon !!!!!

Aye thanks Billy'

a young man said to me in the passing Parkinson's you need canabis oil , he never even broke his stride I was left in shock but now am wondering any info would be great as I know nothing about it . Hope your wife doing a bit better Billy take care 


Thanks for asking about my wife. its quite possible shes had a water infection for maybe 6 or 8 weeks, I may have to see the practise manager again between the hospital and the nurse at our surgery something is wrong.

                     all the best... Billy

Or maybe i will have to put samples in every week !!!!!


Hi Billy 

hope you get on OK that can be a horrible thing to have can give her nasty side affects  am sure they will get it sorted , poor lassie take care of yourselves  give us a shout anytime hopefully happier days ahead 

take care


Hi Ian, 

The evidence from research studies looking at the effects of cannabis use (in various forms) in people with Parkinson's can be quite confusing.

Some small-scale studies have shown promise - particularly in controlling difficult to treat aspects of Parkinson's such as pain, sleep problems and dyskinesia.

However there are question marks over these small studies as most were not placebo controlled or double-blind. This means that we cannot be sure that these effects are not due to a placebo effect. And larger scale studies have not produced the same promising results.

The truth is we don't know exactly how beneficial cannabis may be for people with Parkinson's, and we know that some people can experience side effects.

Until the picture becomes clearer, we encourage people who do want to give it a try to be cautious and as safe as they can. Please do continue to share your experiences on our forum - whether good, bad or indifferent!


wasn't that drug trial in france a cannabis based pain killer that quickly killed x number of people on the trial very quickly?.

I would like to know what that trial was made up of can ibis based what would that be mixed with I would like to know more ? 

Many thanks.   Ian 


Afraid i dont have those details Ian, only know what i have put above.

Hi sea angler 

don't suppose you have ever tried it either like myself but I will and I'll let you know if it's good or bad I'll have to get some first problem for myself is its not legal but who cares if it helps 

all the best 



I'm afraid not, havin the background i do My father worked within 'law' for 23 yr's and I worked with the Police, Mod, and other things in the past i can't mention under the 1911 official secrets act or other acts, It wouldn't do to dabble with such things for me.

Hi cat c and forum friends 

cannabis oil I have now tried and its very expensive did nothing for me other than make me sleepy  that was all I got from it but I tried anyway .

 Ian xx

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