Can medical cannabis invalidate daTscan results?

Hi! I have been struggling for 2 1/2 years with an illness that my doctors where I live in Maine were unable to diagnose. So I recently travelled to New York state to consult with a neurologist who was highly recommended to me. My new neurologist has scheduled me for a daTscan to confirm his diagnosis of Parkinsonism. A neuropsych evaluation provided the same potential diagnosis last week. My previous Maine neurologist prescribed medical cannabis so that I can sleep through pretty acute nighttime discomfort. I didn't respond positively to any of the neuropathic pain medications he prescribed. My question is this: I do two inhalations of the cannabis each night, and I am concerned that this will impact on the results of the daTscan. My NY neurologist said he did not think that it would, but I would like to make sure he is correct so that the test results are accurate. I am hoping some of you can provide some advice. Thanks so much.

Cannabis gets out of your system 24hrs so i would suggest leaving it alone for a day or so before scàn

Thank you! You're the first person to give me feedback, and I appreciate it!

No problem i find it amazing how they got different plants for illnesses i understand they take the high out the plants so easy and natural when you think about it better than putting 43 tablets down your throat like me and cost


I spose Pills are exclusive to companys Gus but anyone can be a gardener and grow plants, business will always rule.

I think it's the fact they ģrow different strengths for different illnesses also remove the bad tcb