Can our mind control the tremors?

I first noticed the tremor in my right hand and arm about five weeks ago. Was subsequently diagnosed by neurologist (after MRI) with PD. When the tremor starts, I concentrate on the word 'Stop' and the tremor does in fact immediately stop. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it the norm?

Thanks, Lex.
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Hello Lex
I was really pleased to read your post as I have been meaning to pose the same question myself. I have tremor in both legs and can stop it on command so to speak. It does then start up again when I stop concentrating on it. Can anyone explain this?

Thanks and BW

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Thank you, Samdog.

When my OH hands start to shake I tell them to move their hand and the tremor stops. I find it difficult to understand why they cannot do this themselves but it's probably either them or MR P being stubborn!!!
Five years on and I can stop my tremor through concentration, but its fleeting, i cant maintain it.
Hi Lex,
Yes, I too can control my tremor by concentrating.
Another Parky enigma ( prior to taking any meds ) involved my ability to brush my teeth to music.
The music had to have a pronounced base - any track by Status Quo seemed to work best for me - weired eh ?
If i control the tremor so I can write with my right hand, either the left hand starts moving or my left foot does!!!!!It's like something has to move lol.

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Hi, all! I have had the same experience as the rest of you. And I have a theory about why concentration works. See if you agree or think I'm completely wrong.

The tremor of PD is a resting tremor, which appears when the hands, feet, whatever parts of the body are at rest. When I turn my mind to stopping the tremor, I think I am either tensing the muscles involved or am holding them in readiness, as if I am about to act, about to use them. Therefore, the muscles are no longer resting and the tremor stops, at least temporarily.

To me, it feels as if that's what's happening. Any sense in that?
I find that I can stop my tremor if I lie flat on my back on the floor and concentrate on relaxing every muscle in my body. Only trouble is I am liable to fall asleep. Strange but this does not seem to work as well in bed. It must be a firm surface.
Dear J,

Your theory makes perfect sense. Concentration is directed mental activity.

Thanks, Lex.
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