Can Parkinsons affect your vision?

Please can anyone let me know if Parkinsons can affect your vision once you have had it for 15 years or so? My mum temporarily lost her vision yesterday for 45 mins or so. I wonder if it was a hallucination or something else? Obviously it’s very scary. Any help/ advice is appreciated. I will call the Parkinsons helpline tomorrow, but obviously it’s not open today as it is Sunday. Thanks

Hi HavanaS,

Sorry to hear about your mum’s vision problems. It’s definitely a good idea for her to see her doctor as soon as possible and of course, do call our Helpline for advice tomorrow as you say.
There’s also some information about eye problems and Parkinson’s on our website that may be of use here:

We hope this helps. If you need urgent help with your mum or her condition worsens you can also call NHS 111 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Best wishes,
Moderation Team

Hi. Although it could be related to parkinsons, sudden loss of vision even if temporary is a potentially serious sign and could be due to something else such as a stroke. Why not phone the NHS out of hours service for your area today and ask their advice? In our area, we can also use NHS111 online

Hope all goes well.