Can PD medication worsen tremor?

My husband was diagnosed with PD 1 year ago. He started medication this april. On the first day of medication a tremor started on one side and it is getting worse and worse. First med was requip agonist and now he gars madopar 200. Now the doctor prescribed a new agonist which is better for tremor. Have anyone experienced similar? Thank you

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might be worth having a look at this eye guide mc

Madapor did not work at all for me and in fact made everything worse. I am now taking Pregabalin, but don’t think thats doing much either. Sometimes our poor doctors need to do trial and error. It seems to be up to the patient to lead the way. Also through the support of this forum you can find out so much more. Good luck xx

Hello Ascapo2, my husband is taking 8mgs of Ropinerole XL once a day in the morning. May I ask what the other dopamine agonist was that your husband was recommended by his Dr as being better for tremor. My husband has tremor predominant PD. Thank you. Jean

Hi Acasapo2
i have a similar problem to the one that your husband is experiencing
I have been on REQUIP XL for over 4 years without problem gradually Increasing from 8MG TO 16MG over a five year period. however last time the pharmacy prescribed a me-too drug called IPINNIA XL and i find that i have suddenly started shaking where i didn’t have a problem previously. has anyone got experience of this problem when being given an alternative drug? thanks