Can someone advise?

I am currently experiencing a lot of pain in my left arm. I have a lot of spasms which come and go periodically but they are excruciating. I told my PD nurse who contacted my neurologist, Her answer was to increase my daily dosage of Madopar which has made absolutely no difference. Other than that she thinks I should contact my GP to see if there is a trapped nerve. It feels like the kind of pain associated with a bad sprain. One unusual feature is that sometimes if I am lifting something in my right hand the pain in my left arm and hand becomes unbearable and I have to free my right hand from whatever I am lifting. Has anyone else had similar issues? I am at a loss as to what to do. One other observation, I can only raise my left arm a little, otherwise it becomes too painful. Thanking you in anticipation for any replies.

Hello boomerang83 … I have a diagnosed Neuropathy. The pain I get is in my legs not my arms. I take Amitriptyline which is fairly effective. Clearly one could have pain in legs or arms with this condition. If ind this drug good with pain management.

It may be that you have a non-diagnosed fracture. Do you have brittle bones?
Have you had an X ray or Mri scan? … That would be my next thing to do if I was you.

Best of luck.

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