Can someone explain MRI Results please

Is someone able to explain my MRI results please, currently being tested as experiencing jerk like movements and both late parents had Parkinsons but presented differntly.
MRI results say - some patchy T2 lesions in the brainstem, which are likely small vessel disease these may possibly be generators of myoclonus but unlikely to any further investigation. Notably there is paucity of small vessel disease in the cerebral cortices.

Hi Skibadee,
You may find members of the forum who have had a similar MRI result, but for best results we urge you to reach out to your medical team and/or Parkinson’s nurse with questions about your test results. As a secondary resource we would recommend reaching out to our helpline. One of our advisers will be able to help with your questions, and if not, they can refer you to medical personnel who can. You can find them on 0808 800 0303. Please don’t hesitate to make use of this wonderful team of helpers.
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Hi Skibadee,

Without knowing what the results are, we obviously cannot help, however that being said, I cannot understand why your primary health care provider cannot explain the results to you.
If they simply are not clued up enough and cannot, please go and see someone who can.

Small vessel disease is wear and tear in the brain. It wouldn’t cause Parkinson’s. With regards to the comments on myoclonus that would depend on what your neurologist thinks. You need to contact the neurology secretary and ask for the result to be explained to you. Jerk like movements don’t sound overly Parkinsons like.

Have you been referred to a neurologist or is this MRI scan results you are querying part if something your GP has requested ? With regard to Parkinsons it is a DAT scan you require for diagnosis quite different to a MRI scan. A DAT scan will hopefully be what a neurologist requests to be carried out.
Regards jane

Hi. I have had PD for about 14 years. Following a review Brain MRI it was noted that I had diffuse T2 flashes and was diagnosed (in addition to my PD) with moderate Cerebral Small Vessel Disease. The T2 flashes are small areas of dead brain caused by a lack of blood supply from the small vessels. While this is not knowingly affecting any very important area of my brain, it does mean that I am at greater risk of a major stroke and vascular dementia.