Can someone help me, please

My husband has been falling for some months now. He fell with a bandsaw in his hand and cut his face badly when his glasses broke. He stumbles when he walks and fell over christmas at my son's home knocking down a vase of flowers. He won't talk to me. We spend hours in silence and conversation is only initiated by me. He sits in the evening with a long face, rubbing his finger and thumbs together. He also has a twitching foot which jumps. He pulls extraordinary faces but doesn't know he's doing it/denies it.

He had me in tears the day before yesterday when he said I was making his life a misery in order to get him to leave so that I could have the house. These are dreadful lies. I am at my wits end. The doctor doesn't seem to think anything is wrong.

Hello Christina, I think that you need to ask your GP for an appointment with a specialist because it really does sound like your husband needs to be seen by somebody other than your GP. It is your husbands right to have his needs met!

You didn't say how long your hubby has been presenting the symptoms or if your GP has prescribed anything at all for him.

If I were in your shoes right now I would be making an appointment with the GP as soon as possible.

Please keep us updated, good luck.


I take it your husbnd has been diagnosed with Parkinsons by a neurologist.If you have not seen a neurologist you should insist on doing so.You are entitled to this, so do not let the doctor fob you off............ and certainly do not let the G.P prescribe medication.My husband was given all sorts of pills,including ones for epilepsy before we got to see a neurologist. Unfortunately,depression is often the bed fellow of Parkinson's as is insomnia so he definately needs an appointment with a neurologist as soon as possible

Thank you, both, for bothering to answer me. My husband is 70. We have had so many tests over the past 3 years and they are reluctant to put on paper that he has aspergers. Tests showed no brain shrinkage 2 years ago and I am just bewildered. I am, actually, as you say, being fobbed off and its being made to look like I am the one who is making it all up. I feel so helpless and cry quietly in my bed. We don't sleep in the same room because he doesnt sleep well. I discovered that he has been weeing in jam jars during the night. This behaviour is getting me down.

To Christina, Please see my post under 'Carehomes' today.

Christina, Sorry, bad addressing!! try 'Respite Care Homes' if you can find it!!

Hi Christina.

Any progress?

Did you get to see a neurologist?