Can’t get in and out of bed

I am having difficulty getting in and out of bed My arms have no strength anyone else have this problem

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Hi Lemin. I’m Lemon.

Yes. I have this problem too. I’ve improved a bit over the last few months by losing weight and strengthening my waist muscles. Now I can hook a foot under the side of the bed and use it to help with a sit-up.

I first realised there was an arm weakness problem about six months ago when i got stuck in the bath. Losing nearly a stone has really made a difference. My arms are no stronger, but there’s less of me to shift.


Hello Lemin
Getting in and out of bed is a problem for many of us Parkies and there is a range of equipment available. I will do my best to describe an equipment free technique which I hope makes sense and does work for some if you can get the hang of it.

Getting into bed.

  • sit on the edge of the bed as far back as you can
  • buttock walk, steadying the movement with your arms/hands on the mattress, try to get to the middle of the bed if you can
  • lift your leg and take as big a step as you can to get that foot on the bed as far from the edge as you can manage
  • this will cause your top half to fall to the mattress so try to support yourself on your elbows so you are semi sitting while you lift your other leg onto the bed
  • take another big step sideways with your first leg and as you bring your other leg to meet it your top half sort of spìns and you should be in roughly the right position on the bed with perhaps some minor hip shifting.

Getting off the bed - be careful you are aiming for the edge of the bed!

Lifting your torso off the bed when moving from lying to sitting is the hardest bit and especially hard if on your back. Some arm strength is needed but much less than if on your back or in the middle of the bed.

  • First bend your legs at the knee an take a big step towards the edge of the bed and bring your other leg to it.
  • Using the arm opposite the side you are getting out of, stretch it out to the side and bring it over to the bed edge so that the momentum leaves you lying on your side
  • You should now be able to put your legs over the bed edge to the floor and then either push up sideways or grab the mattress or cover to pull up or use a combination of both. pulling pillows under your head and shoulders may help. (I personally find it easier to pull than push)

This manoeuvre is not elegant, is not for everyone and may take a bit of practice but may be worth having a go.

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Hi Lemin, seems like lots of good advice -if a bit daunting to read and put into practice. If you want a humorous , light touch approach please look at my 2 notes re bedtime antics -and one section of the Banjo-boy fighting back. I would add using your legs to pivot and give you some momentum. Seems like young Fosbury had a good idea after all!
Cheer up, find a method that works for you and keep to it.

My mum was having trouble getting in and out of bed the occupational therapy dept provided a sheet that has a satin centre panel running the whole length of the bed allowing her to easily slide her body around and get into bed more easily

I have a bed rail that we bought. It slides under the mattress and allows me to hoist myself in and out.