Can we get a new neurologist?

Hi everyone,

My Dad has PD, has had for about 8 years now and normally see's his neurologist every 6 months. Just before Christmas we noticed that he was beginning to experience a lot of hallucinations, which we know can be a side effect of the drugs. At his appointment in January his drugs were changed slightly, with a follow up appointment in 3 weeks. At the follow up appointment the drugs were tweaked slightly again.... This didn't work out for the best. My Mum said she noticed a big difference in his behaviour - he was spending most of his time asleep and even fell asleep when they went out for a meal. Also, because he was falling asleep so much, this led to him having a few falls around the home - the 3rd of which happened when my Mum was out. Luckily, my Dad hasn't hurt just a little bruised and shaken. He managed to call himself a paramedic and they decided to admit him whilst they looked into his medication. They informed my Mum that some of the drugs he was on were quite dated (sorry, I don't know names....) they said one of the drugs was sometimes used to treat epilepsy. I know that medications can be trial and error but we'd be really keen to get a 2nd opinion from another neurologist and switch if possible. Does anyone know how to go about this? My dad's symptoms seem quite bad at the moment, and I know that it is a degenerative disease but I can't help thinking that he could have a better quality of life if only his meds were right.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

hi pinklady,

sounds like your neurologist deffinetly needs to be changed, when i was dx 10yrs ago it was by a neuro from newcastle who would commute between hospitals i live in cumbria, but we had no neuro actually insitu in my local hospital, the nearest pd specialist was the gereatric consultant and i have only seen him twice in 10yrs i was always seen by the pd nurse then one day i went to a talk given by proffesor david burn who practises at the royal victoria infirmary newcastle i was very impressed and asked my gp for a referral she wrote to him and i got an appointment and now attend his clinic twice a year which does mean a 2 hour journey there and back but its worth it his team are brilliant, dont know where you live but if you are not to far away its worth enquireing hope things get sorted out best wishes sue.
Hi Lilly.
Thanks for your response nod I'm glad things are going well or you.

We have had a break through and Dads GP is referring us to another neurologist so it will just be reassuring to get a second opinion.

Such a complex disease, there definitely isn't a one fits all approach to medication!

Thank xx