Can we please have some sort of summary forum for new postings?

As a 'serial lurker' or the old forum I have found the advice given indispensible - I was diagnosed three years ago and have chosen rightly or wrongly to keep it from family and friends. Every day I have been logging on to absorb the pearls of wisdom from the various contributors.I am finding though with this new forum that I absolutely hate the new format - I really don't want to delve into each sub forum to find details of what has been posted.

Is it possible to have some sort of summary forum that just shows new postings? Speaking personally I find I am barely using the new forum and frankly feel that I have lost a close friend!

I agree. I find I go by the current date, then for each subject click on the 'latest'. However it would be much easier if there was one heading on the home page saying 'TODAYS LATEST' for all subjects.

Heartedly agree with previous two postings - finding it time-consuming to find replies to previous posts. I am a carer and find the information from PWP most helpful to understand what my husband and a close aunt are going through. I do hope something can be done to make it easier for everyone.
Thank you.

I strongly agree. It's like checking up on ten forums rather than one. And you have to remember when last on line.

A backward step. Very time consuming for little benefit.

I agree, I get a bit confused as to where to post and seem to keep having my replies or queries moved, am finding I haven't got time to trawl through it all and can't be bothered most of the time. Feel I've lost contact with everyone and am losing 'friends'.


What drives me mad is having to log in each time.That will teach me for having chosen such a long user name.

A number of you have fed back to us that it would be helpful to be able to view a list of the latest postings more easily, and also to know who is online with you. Just to let you know we are looking into options on how thsi might be done and will keep you up to date with progress on this.

ECD - there is an option in most internet browsers to let windows store passwords for you, which would mean you shouldn't have to enter your login or password each time. Drop an email if you need any more info on this.


Morning all.
A quick question as part of some work I'm doing on this...

If we had a page which contained a list of recently updated forum topics, what time period/s would you want to see displayed,
eg 'topics updated in the last 12 hours? Last 6 hours? last 24 hours? 2 hours? You can email me on the Send message link or post replies here.

Thanks for your help, Liz


Parkies Angels????????

Lizzie is asking a question of us,
Updating topics aint causing a fuss.
Every 2 hours or all of the day,
Give her the answer that we want to say.

Deep in the pressroom our Andrea dwells,
Myths about Parkies are things she dispels.
Writes to the tabloids about our disease,
Don’t give them peanuts or green garden peas!!!

Annie looks over the charities dough,
Helping the Parkies finances to flow.
Phone or an e-mail will put you right through,
Ms Mali Jenkins, a trust to help you!

Emily Admin and moderator,
Don’t give her back chat or you’ll get the door!
Pleasant and charming and sticks to the rules,
All of these Ladies are Parkies crown jewels.

(now that’s a grovel if ever I saw one!!!)

But I keep ‘em busy


Hi Emily/ Administrator,
24 hours would do me.

I agree with other members about not being able to find anything ,in response to admin about timescale could it not be divided up into 3 sections e,g last posts 24hrs,12hrs,6hrs ,I know I feel like I've lost touch with people ,,,,,,
mm x:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

I would agree. I use two other forums regularly and they have a facility for clicking on, 'posts since my last visit,' really helpful. They also have an edit button and a delete button if you should wish to change or amend a post.

That sounds like an excellent idea, benji. Do hope it can be arranged.

I agree a delete or ammend button would be a good idea.Still would like to also know whos online.
Dot xx

i agree with dotty