Can you help tell your story for Parkinson's UK


I work at Parkinson’s UK in the team which is responsible for the charity’s magazine, The Parkinson.

I am looking for women interested in taking part in our interview feature.
If you are a carer or relative of someone with Parkinson’s this will be a chance to tell your story to help others with Parkinson’s. It could be about caring for someone with Parkinson's, about daily life with Parkinson's or any other aspect you would like to mention.

If you are interested in getting involved please email me at  [email protected]

You can see an example of what we include by looking at the interview we featured in the last edition of The Parkinson. Read the interview on page 11 (this downloads a .PDF document). 

Many thanks for your help,


Amy Noss
Content Editor, Parkinson's UK.

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