Can you over medicate?

Hi. Is it possible to over medicate on PD medications such as Levadopa? If so, what are the the common side effects?

Just wondering


look up ‚Äúdopamine dysregulation syndrome‚ÄĚ (DDR) on this forum. here‚Äôs my earlier post on this:

some of the effects of DDR include gambling away all your savings or spending it on sex workers and as a result losing your family and your job. be careful! if you feel you might be going down this path, contact your parkinson’s nurse team right away. further horrific details can be found at this forum topic:

another major side effect of some of the medicines is that you may get dyskinesia, where you experience purposeless motions.

there are likely also other side effects to worry about that i do not remember.

basically, getting the dose and timing of your medication right is quite important.

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