Can you take clarithromycin

Hi All

My fathers GP has prescribed him a week of clarithromycin antibiotics today as he thinks he may have an infection on his chest. Do you know if he is ok to take these with his other meds. He is on Azilect, Requip XL and Sinemet.

Thank you in advance 


Hi TAB - can't really tell you, haven't been in that situation myself, perhaps you could phone the helpline for advice (No. at top of this page) or contact PD nurse if your father has one.

Sorry I can' be of more help - Sheila

Hi TAB, 

I'd agree with Sheila here, you can talk to a nurse by calling us on 0207 963 9371 directly. Our main line is down at the moment. A nurse can usually talk to you about your concerns or questions within 24 hours. 

Hope this helps,