Cancer drug helps late stage



 Another drug which   we have been been waiting  for, for over   17 years!!!


it will never see the light of day, not in this century anyway



They the NHS doesnt give cancer drugs too People with cancer on Cost, you'll never see it. cheaper for people too just expire they moan about our pills costing more than £20 quid.


There is no point then .....why are they wasting their time developing the drug ?



Other drugs have been developed ~ Rytary or what ever Generic name it'll be given ~ we're all waiting for it to be approved by the NHS dragging their heals.


have you read the article where it reckons they have found a cure for cancer ,and they wont reveal as cancer making to much money .This is not true but makes you wonder !


sea angler

 how you getting along with entacapone ,i am now on 6 adayalso 1 -1mg rasagilne new &  my sinemet 3 -125mg 4 - 62.5mg 1-250mg cr. found that my walking is better also feel great still exercise three times a week sauna swim steam room



Hi Gus

I'm still on the entacapone 1 200 mg with each dose of Madopar.

Initially it disrupted my sleep, i was getting some meaningful sleep & then i started the entacapone, I have moved back my last 2 pills of the evening Amitriptyline &madopar CR and i am getting back some of my sleep again.

I had a appointment the other day with the PD nurse we both felt my body was still calling for More, She wanted too blanket add one more 62.5 so i would be on 4 madopar+1 entacapone 4 x daily and thought about changing the times too put a 5th time in, I said i didn't want too do that at the moment.

So i decided that iwanted too just add One pill too make it 4+1 at the times i was most active during the day.

8 am 4+1   12pm 4+1   4pm  4+1  8 pm 3+1  and then 1 Cr+ amitriptyline. 9-10pm.

She also spoke about moving onto Stavelo which would be Generic stavelo I said no thanks i want too stay as I am on at least one Branded pill and not move onto Cheap alternatives where I would not get the same Results.

Other than that I am fine Apart from hurting my back.



Do you mean the 1939 law that apparently blocks the cure of Cancer??.

Or is it this article where the Gov have blocked a law giving the NHS access to future drugs like rytary ??


Hi sea angler

Glad to hear you are doing well.

I have been putting off starting on Entacapone, but feel I now need to as my Madopar is wearing off in 2 to 3 hours.

Did you start with 200 mg with each Madopar dose? That is what my Parkinson nurse suggests.

How long have you been taking it now? Any side effects apart from coloured pee and sleeplessness?

Sorry about the questions but I really hate taking all these meds and need reassurance!




Hi supa

Yes started off with 200 mg alongside each madopar dose, no suggestion from the PD nurse that i should increase it further, I spose ive been taking it 3 or 4 months now with no other effects i think much of the pill is just powdered pigment dye, hence the Tango lol effect.

the PD Nurse did suggest if i moved over too stavelo they'd be different increments of doses, but i dont know if she meant levodopa or entacapone, that wasn't enough too bribe me away from Madopar especially if the move was from branded too generic, I told her you might be prescribing beef but i'll handed horse, i think she got the hint.



I dont think you have much too loose by trying it Supa, it doesn't suit 1 in 10 people with the side effect of the trots But as with everything we do medicine wise with PD i think its best too keep it simple too ring any changes to notice if in any way it effects our other Meds.

The benefits will also be unique too you as they are unique too Gus, I think i might gain 30 mins a dose so long as i am Not over doing physically what ever i am doing and recognising I still have limits and achieve within those Limits.


8am  125mg sinemet + entacaphone. 4 -gabapentin 2 -tramadol / 10am 62.5 mg sinemet + entacaphone 12noon 62.5 mg +entacapone 2 -tramadol / 2pm 62.5 mg sinemet 4 - gabapentin / 4pm 62.5 mg sinemet + entacaphone 2- tramadol  /  6pm 62.5mg sinemet  / 8pm 125mg sinemet +entacaphone 4- gabapentin 2-tramadol 9.30pm  250mg cr /10pm 3-amitripyline 1-zopiclone    .sea angler about the cancer drug it was just some prankster on net.


forgot to add 8am rasagiline


the big pharmas will dictate what drugs we get, and if it means less profit then forget it, you won't get it. If they found a cure tomorrow it would be buried the same day. If there are patents still running , no chance of anything meaningful. I would like to know what camerons speech on finding cures for these type of diseases has done , not much i bet.


sorry if i sound negative, but i have not heard anything positive in the past ten years. Unless i have missed something. Enlighten me.


your only saying what people are thinking, the only big success is dbs ,it gave me something to live for again.And not to sure what you say about only getting cheap drugs as i have kicked off when giving generic meds far enough i had to go to my gp & then it was put right yeah pharmacies do try & push there luck thats why i found sticking to just one the better !


Hi Sea Angler

Many thanks for your encouraging information.

I have put in my prescription request so should be able to start Entacapone on Friday.

Crossing fingers

I agree with your decision not to convert to Stavelo - why change when something is working well enough !  The option will always be there if necessary.




Your list of meds and timings is awesome! It must take some organisation to keep on track.