Cannabis for Pwp

I understand that Cannabis are available to MS sufferers,under special conditions. Is this something PDUK should be looking into for its members?
hi compost

I think your referring to Sativex which is a cannabinoids mouth spray derived from the cannabis plant. Its not only just used to treat symptoms of MS, but also has been prescribed on occasions to treat stroke and cancer patients and people suffering neuropathic pain caused by injury or trauma. The trails conducted with MS sufferers 70% said it helped to reduce pain, improve sleep, and it reduced spasticity. Also it helps with problems like muscle cramping and rigidity. I know not everyone with parkinsons suffers from pain, rigidity, muscle cramping or sleep problems, however a lot do particularly as your PD illness progresses.

Sativex is not currently available to people with PD. I think because the word cannabis is mentioned, straight away people are put off. The crazy thing is many of the drugs we currently take are derived from opium (heroin) or are amphetamine based, both of which are a lot more dangerous than a drug which comes from the cannabis plant!

Well put, Blue eyes. I will say what needs to be said and I will probably be censored for it. [This post has been edited by moderators because it does not comply with our terms and conditions. You can find our terms and conditions here:]

This forum is a great place to seriously discuss this important issue!

Let's stop pussyfooting around this and talk like adults....