There is a video going around on Facebook that shows a highly agitated man with PD gaining instant relief seconds after taking pure cannabis. It does look a bit stage managed but equally does make you wonder.

I have no visible tremor but do feel constantly uncomfortable in my left shoulder and elbow. I can rarely relax and am constantly shifting from sitting to standing. I have to admit that a few alcoholic drinks in the evening eases this by helping my muscles to relax. I wonder if cannabis would be a good alternative.

Hi Gordon have you thought about cbd oil you can get it at Holland and barret a few of us have found it to be beneficial obviously you need to check with your pd nurse about your other medication before taking it iuse it to aid sleep

hi gordo
yes it does help with my tremors anyway ,(no idea about the medical stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) prob in the same way as alcohol (which helps me also )it just relaxes you,no future in either long term though

Thanks for all the responses just fed up being uncomfortable all the time. After a long delay and much putting off, I am starting on ropinorol on Monday, I am hoping that will help

I’m not sure one way or the other.
I think the cbd oil I’m using is helping me sleep but added to the cost of my drugs its a bit prohibitive.

Good morning Paul😎
Just updating you from Hospital.
My surgery went well on Tuesday and if I can pass all the strict test physio dish out I might get home later today.:slightly_smiling_face:
How are things with you, was there any problems with the daughters ex

Hi Malc.
Don’t know how I missed this.
Hope you are home and not feeling too sore.
Daughters ex has e-coli at the moment so all quiet there

Hi All, I have been having terrible insomnia a friend gave me a small joint

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , the best nights sleep in ages.

Why cant they just let researchers get on with finding out what properties cannabis possesses.

Victorian madness!!!

Agreed, alcoholic is just as damaging as any drug if addicted and it’s not banned. I am a lifelong law abiding citizen but I would cross the line to buy something if I thought it would help

My symptoms are fairly slight at the moment & helped by a low dose of Ropinirole but the first thing I’ll try when I get bad enough will be ‘the weed’.

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Hi. Gordo
I have been diagnosed for just over two years and recently have developed a tremor in my right leg and painful twisting of the toes in my right foot. Both are very painful and tiring. The only thing I have found that gives me any relief is Cannabis and like the YouTube video my leg stops tremor within about five minutes. In addition I get a much better nights sleep.
I have tried different cbd products and strengths but none work as well as the real thing !
I use a dry herb vaporizer called a Pax 3 as this is a far gentler way to inhale than smoking it.
Hopefully things are slowly changing in the UK and before long we can all benefit from this legally.
All the best