I just wanted to provide some information about cannabis as a possible treatment for PD sufferers. Now there is a lot of misinformation about cannabis thrown about by the media and government - particularly in this country, but I'm not going to get into that here, I just want to focus on the medical benefits it can provide.

In certain States in America where medicinal cannabis is legal, PD sufferers can, without fear of punishment, purchase and use cannabis. Cannabis has been shown to be very effective in treating the symptoms associated with PD. Here is some video evidence:

Has anyone here tried cannabis to treat PD? I'm sure its illegality puts people off but if it works for people then I feel that is more important than breaking an irrational law.

yes i tried in the early days of my pd and all it done was mong me out,i suppose allit done is made me forget!

Did it help with the tremors at all? Since there are many different strains of cannabis, some will work better than others for PD, but since it's illegal you can't always be sure you're getting what the dealer says. If you ever get the chance to try it again I'd say it is worth a go, it is much safer than the pharmaceuticals they give out.

i wont be sorry,them days are gone eek

If cannabis could be prescribed by doctors do you think you would try it then?

no i dont think so ,as all it does is make you forget about today and not tomorrow,i guess all people have different outlooks tho.if its good for one then carry on ! razz

The US are so far ahead of the UK in terms of using marijuana as medicine. This country used to use it as medicine before the US made most of the world criminalise it in the early 1900s (due to business interests/racism). It's only now people are again using cannabis for the treatment of a variety of ailments, including PD. I just want more people in this country who are suffering from illnesses that are treatable with cannabis are made aware about it. Expensive pharmaceutical drugs tend to do more harm than good, but as long as they make money they'll keep making them!


dont get me wrong - i have nothing against canabis for recreation. but it contains 483 different chemicals.

when you are treating an illness  you want to try one chemical at a time. otherwise which chemical is causing the benefits and which the side-effects?


thats a good point

I have actually just been discussing this with my husband, would use it if it was legal. 

with your legs ,are you in  pain,i had the same,and i use gabapentin,if you  do try a smoke your find out that all it does is make you like a sombie

At a branch AGM about four years ago Professor Roger Barker was the key note speaker. Wonderful down to earth guy whom I have seen a number of times. He doesn't do talks, what he does do is a question and answer session. My business partner had contracted MS about two years before I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. and he was using Cannabis to get relief from his MS contractions. I was intrigued so I asked Prof. Barker if he was aware of any research into similar usage for Parkinson's. There were about 50 people in attendance and I well remember the audible gasp of the audience followed by the Professor's fruity laugh. He said that there was indeed benefits for the MS patient but for PWP's all that happened was that they got well and truly stoned. Well I suppose you could say that may be enough anyway, a few moments of peace but it is illegal and it does not do you any good what with all the chemicals.

Now stop being greedy and don't bogart that stogie my friend. Turn the volume up on that Cheech and Chong LP will ya darling.  

They just made medical marijuana legal here in Massachusetts this year. There are still in the process of setting things up but I'm planning on taking part once the dispensaries open. Having tried it since I've been diagnosed if used in moderation it is great. Might not be the healthiest thing to do but if nothing's else it makes me calm and pretty happy. Two things that have been hard to come by lately. I highly recommend it. No pun intended :)

Heres my take, many years ago i was a constant cannabis smoker.  I agree that smoking joints as a treatment not an answer.  However i do believe there are merits for more research into the use of the pill form known as Dronabinol which has known pain relief and also improved sleep.  When i was smoking cannabis my sleep was great and i have never slept like it since giving up smoking cannabis.  I know of many fellow PWP how suffer with night cramps maybe Dronabinol would help? 

I tried it a few years ago , did nothing for my symptoms but made me laugh all the time. My Granddaughter commented that she had never seen me so happy .

Like most meds / drugs it has some negative side effects for some people . Needs a lot more research I think . 


Prof Barker seemed to be saying that it had been researched and the findings were as per the last post. I certainly got the impression that there is no need for any more research.

nicely put. not only causing side effects but possibly causing irrepairable harm! Needs a lot more research, so doctors can hand out prescriptions with confidence where it is legal.

There is a vast amount of research already conducted on cannabis: (Warning: Large file)

Cannabis is kept illegal simply due to business interests a.k.a. money. Alcohol companies lobby to keep it illegal because they are scared of the competition, pharmaceutical companies lobby to keep it illegal because they cannot patent the plant itself (anyone can grow it) so they cannot make money from it.

An informative documentary on cannabis if you are interested:

I also live in one of those states that has legalised medical marijuana. My husband says he has no interest in trying it because he is afraid that all it would do is make him more unstable on his feet and he cannot afford to break hips at his age.

good decision tadpole big grin