Are we allowed to discuss such topics on this forum?

is it being used in the treatment of PD?

has any research been done or is any underway?

ive heard it being used in other countries to treat P D . Is this true or myth?

on a recent trip to Amsterdam I indulged in a coffee shop for a short period. I was blown away by the effect on me. I walked back to my hotel and was convinced that I had a massive PD switch that had be switched off. It is difficult to explain how my condition improved, for the first time in two years I slept longer than four hours ( eight in total)

I'm not really looking for a lecture on drug misuse and it's possible side effects, just interested in finding out is it something that is being looked at as beneficial ( medical cannabis) and would be interested in others experiences positive or negative.



if it works for you thats good ,just mongs me out there is a spray which helps with the pain they extract the bit that helps & get rid off the highs its very expensive gps i think only approve ms patients if you decide to take it stay away from grass stick with solids they spray the grass ie weed with all sorts anyway no drugs are good but hey !


Smoked the odd spliff or three and while it dose do wonders at bed time and relaxes my muscles I do tend to pay for it a day or so later.!      I have to ether be stoned all the time ( to expensive lol )   Or not at all .

   Live well. Cc


Thanks for your honesty and sharing your experiences. Cheers mate


Thanks for sharing with me. Would be interested in what you mean by paying for it a day or so later ?

it really does switch my PD off for long periods and I function really well!, like you it works well before bedtime as some of my meds keep me awake.....

keep smiling !


Well it's normally two days later when it's out of my system I feel like crap my PD symptoms come back worse than before , they settle down again after a few days but I worry one day they may not so that adds stress into the mix  ,

Symptoms.  Tremor stiffness cramp cognitive ability all suffer balance and motor control in left hand worse plus a rotten headache that lasts up to three days , so the benefit I get is not worth the price ! Lol

But that's my experience others have different reaction so I don't knock it , with all the drugs pwp take trying cannabis is worth a go but that's only my opinion and as I'm no doctor it's not worth much lol .

 Take care.    Live well.  Cc



I look at it this way.

I get all the beneficial highs from my hobby as above as a relief too PD.

but as above, i pay for it on the following days physically and too some extent i'm rinsed mentally until i've recovered.

So is cannabis beneficial?? or is it there is just a switch in the mind that can deliver the same, but is used up much like a battery.


Yep cannabis can be beneficial as its a muscle relaxant and a miled pain killer , so dose have some value .

I to used to get good highs from my hobby but a failing sense of balance dose not mix with high power motorcycles , plus I used to build what I raced and no one would want to ride a motorbike built by someone with shaky hands and a poor memory LOL come to that neither would I .

Im still trying to find something to replace my life at the moment as I've just had to give up work due to pd and my job was my life for forty odd years or so , but hay ho something will turn up.

 Anyway that's enough from me so live well.    Cc

hi chasher I had to give up work about two years ago had dbs my last attempt to try keep working but every time I tried the shaking would come back through the stress of my job plumber and heating engineer so I gave up and the dbs done its job fine apart from left leg drags and some balance issues any way I started to go local fitness centre only steam sauna swim but really helped chatting to people gave me a reason to get up and out.


Hi Gus

  I was HGV mechanic / engineer and ran a busily workshop and fleet of 15 HGV s.  Also built n maintained 2 concrete plants , so my life was flat out all the time to go from that to trying to find odd jobs to do is frustraittin to say the least.

Im not a people person and have never made friends if it don't have an engine I'm not interested  don't really know how I managed to get mariried twice LOL

Must say until combing on the pd forum I don't think I'd ever told any one anything about myself but then I only do that now behind my alter ego Cheshire Cat ! Even my oh of 27 years says I'm a mystery to her LOL

Anyway that's me and no doubt I will work something out soon enough.

thanks for the reply live well.  Cc

must have been your good looks or maybe your engine lol all the best gus


Defiantly not my good looks lol. more likely free car repairs that and my sleek fur coat n big sad eyes LOL


Heh ! its great to share now and again, it can open up doors. i too was a hgv mechanic/engineer in the seventies, alas i only lasted ten years. dropping gearboxes, changing trailor wheels and thawing fuel lines in the middle of winter on the side of the road was not for me. (even though conditions are a lot better theses days). Am i right in  hearing you build motorcycles for racing ??...just out of interest, do you still ride ? my last bike some ten years ago was a honda 600rr, which i lost. three years ago i bought a 1950 bsa m21 which i ride occasionally. for some reason i thought an old slogger would be easier and more of a peaceful ride out. how wrong i was !!! with a rigid frame, old brakes etc, you need to be more alert than ever !!! but its fun !!... i need to strip and rebuild the engine, but my PD concerns me, in that i don't seem to have the focus and dexterity these days. i worried i'll strip it and not get it back together.

nice one !!


Hi Richard 54

Yep raced n built just about every type n size of bike you can think of from super light 125 suzuki stinger in the 70s to my last one 3 years ago a 900 fire blade , went drag racing with a kh 750 kwaker 2 stroke tripel .

Not rode for 2 years now as balance not good but am hopeing to get a 1800 Harly abandond projecte  and have use of an old air strip lol  still got a 1100 v 4 honda cant bear to part with it , lol.

The old bikes are harder to ride but great fun , you need to be a better rider to get the most out of them but its worth it.

As for over hauling your bike why not start small with just a top end rebuild  rebore piston grind valves eck eck eck,

or just a full service and tidy up n see how it gose from there im building 4x4 s at the moment it keeps my brain active and my boady moving lol

well thats all for now  so live well n ride free   Cc