Can't cope

I phoned to speak to my Parkinsons nurse nearly two weeks ago as i am beginning to feel unwell and unsteady. I was diagnosed March 2018. I havnt received a call back or perhaps i missed the call but a few days later i was burgled, my patio window was smashed and although nothing was taken i am very stressed. This was followed with a really bad cold, would have thought it was flu if i hadnt already had the flu jab.

Today some old friends came to visit me for the first time in my new home, i was an absolute wreck i could barely function. I barely managed to cook our meal. Is this Parkinsons? Or is it because i have had over a week of stress and illness.

I just want to be reassured that this isnt how my life is going to be and perhaps with different medication i can feel better.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Hi @Margs,

I’m really sorry to hear that you have been having such a rough time lately. I think anyone would struggle in that situation, but why don’t you give our helpline a call so our advisers can help you make sense of things and support you? If you need access to a Parkinson’s nurse and you can’t reach yours for some reason, you can also talk to one on our helpline. We’re here for you, so please call us on 0808 800 0303 (lines are open Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm and Saturday: 10am-2pm).

Best wishes,
Mara (Moderation Team)

Margs hope you feel better. Your moderator is correct you should talk to your doctor.

But to be honest you are new to Parkinson’s. (march 2018) Parkinson’s is a learning experience on what and how the symptoms effect us.

Just being honest in my case stress does effect my symptoms negatively. The idea though is in the learning to deal with the non-motor symptoms. What has helped me is always try to be prepared early for what is ahead if possible. The worst thing is to isolate yourself from functions and friends. It all goes back to learning and adapting. I exercise or go for walks if possible. Anxiety is what you might be experiencing. The idea is when it comes on find something to take your mind off of it ASAP. Hope this helps. Take one day at a time. Never say I can’t.

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Poor you. What a traumatic experience you have been through. Very sorry to hear your woes. Unfortunately one tends to blame PD for everything that goes wrong. Even without the added compliction of PD anyone would be nervous & traumatised. It’s a shame your Parkinsons Nurse hasn’t responded, normally they are fantastic. If you have a local PD group I would be inclined to join it as comparing notes with other attendees can put you mind at rest.

I hope that you are feeling more relaxed.



Hello Margs
You mentioned ‘my new home’ If you have just been through a house move you are likely to be exhausted and stressed, never mind PD! I hope things are getting better for you now. I moved in November and it takes time to adjust and sort everything out. Were you doing the dreaded down sizing as well?