Can't Sleep At Night

I was diagnosed with pd at the age of 41 approx a year ago.
I don't ever remember being awake most of the night, until the last few months.
I have recently changed tablets but have always attended the gym most nights, if I get 4/5 hrs sleep I've done really well.

Madopar 4 per day - 50mg
Rasagiline 1 per day - 1mg
Pramipexole 1 per day - 1.57 mg

Is this normal to lack sleep? is it the tablets ?or do I need to take medication at certain times?

Any help or feedback is appreciated


Hi Tom I just posted in the Health and Well being part of the Forum about this. I've been on medication for 2 years. I found my sleeping getting worse. So I've changed how I take my tablets. Not suggesting you do this, but perhaps talk with your Parkinsons nurse. I didn't want to increase my medication, that's why I've done this. I've only just changed but it seems to be working.Best wishes
Hi Tome,

I know if I take my third CR Sinemet 200/50 too late in the day my sleep quality, and I use the word quality loosely, takes a dive! Generally I take the third pill of the day at about 17:00, but at the weekend I get up a few hours later than I do for work, 05:20 on a work day, the subsequent knock on effect can mean I'm taking the third pill very late into the evening. It generally takes about 2 hours to kick in, so just as I should be running down ready for bed I'm just starting to go "on"!

I really miss a good nights sleep like many of used to enjoy in our pre PD days, but now I seem to function reasonably well on as little as 5 hours sleep some nights. 6 hours is better. It's just one more adjustment to make, like we don't have to make enough already!

Regards Tractorman.
you get used to it.
Yeah, tell me about it. Yawn! (Excuse me.)

Since I flipped my convertible over (good job the roof was up), I decided that I needed more than 3 hours sleep per night because daytime sleepiness is not good. I have an appointment to have a Pulse Oximetry monitor fitted tomorrow to monitor my heart rate and oxygen levels while I’m asleep, but I need to know what's causing me to feel hyper at 3 am - the medication or the condition.

I’m not overly optimistic that I'll get a proper answer, but you never know.
Hi, Well I take Pramipexole And Madpor and I have No trouble sleeping a full 8hours although at bedtime I Also take a Sinemet CR. Hope That Helps.
Blimey Blue Angel, that's good. Broken sleep (except in front of the telly, where I can sleep for England) is one of the really irritating symptoms. And I used to have to be crowbarred out of bed!

Mind you, it seems to have been a bit better since I added Rasagiline to the Pramipexole. (But it won't last. Nothing seems to.)

Best, all

Thanks; I’ll try anything (as long as you don’t put it down to the Yorkshire air. I’m not that desperate!)

I was recently told (pd nurse) that parky turns your body clock upside down and medication can't help much. There is just such a bewildering variety of experience from different pwps.