Can't sleep lying down

Hi, I'm having trouble sleeping lying down because of pain / rigidity / tremor in my shoulders. I usually get up in the night and either go and sit in a chair or sit on the floor in the corner of a room.

Any tips for how to improve sleeping lying down would be much appreciated, thanks!

Hi, about two years ago I had a similar problem, I did'nt have pain but I had stiffness and restless legs, which mean't I could stay in bed for only 2 hours, then I had to get up and sleep in a chair. I don't know if you take any night time meds, but my consultant put me on controlled release 50/200 carbidopa/levodopa, at night and from the first night untill now (2 years) I've stayed in bed for 6/8 hours per night. I also do a lot of exercise and walking which helps with rigidity. You also need to be relaxed in the evening because if you expect to have a bad night you will, and over the years I've carried out calming techniques such as mindfulness meditation.I hope this helps.

All the best


This sounds awful, Nicole.

You have my sympathy as not sleeping is dreadful and ruins the day too.

I know a couple of people who have a hospital-type bed on permanent loan from Social Services and can move it up and down in sections to find a comfy position.

I don't know how you get assessed for one but it would be worth ringing the helpline for advice.

Good Luck. ..I hope you find a solution.


I sometimes have difficulty sleeping and my shoulders frequently hurt.  I usually get up, make a hot drink, take a paracetamol.  I then fall asleep on our two seater sofa so my legs hang over one end and are above my head.  I fidget for a while then doze off.


I have found the way to manage, is by having 3 pillows. I place 2 on top of each other and the third one, I put on it's edge, on top of them, but at the front. Then plonk my head on the top, making sure my neck is well supported, leaving less force on my shoulders.

Bit hard to describe. If we could put pictures on here, I could show you what I mean!

Seems to work for me. Still takes a few awkward movements to turn over though.