Can't stand still

Hi all,

If my wife and I bump into a friend and stop to chat I find I can't stand still for more than a couple of minutes. I have to walk away and then back. Most annoying. Anyone else get this problem?


This was actually what forced me to get help in the first place - when I had to walk round eating my breakfast, I couldn't keep ignoring things. My GP gave me propanolol. I really don't remember which symptom it was for (i suspect he thought I was an anxious, neurotic, hormonal woman -  not necessarily untrue but not the reason for the shaking and constant movement as it turned out :-/ )  It did, however, seem to help. I have no idea if the medication is still helping or if things would have calmed down anyway, but everything's fairly level at the moment so I don't like to give it up and risk upsetting the status quo. Sorry, not sure that's any help at all!   Hope things do settle soon,   J