Can't stop crying

Hi everyone . I was diagnosed with early onset PD in july . Have a nero app in dec . Just need help i have done nothing but cry for no reason this week . I work in a infant school and had to keep leaving the classroom . Is this normal or is it something else not PD . Thankyou xx



I don't know if it is a direct result, but i do know this PD plays all sorts of games with us, including our emotions at times, even i have a good ole cry now n then and I'm a strapping lad, it's all life consuming in diff degree's and the biggest thing ever in our lives what ever we've been upto pre diagnosis.



I get more emotional these days than in my pre PD days. Not crying, but tend to get all choked up about silly little things. PD has definitely had an effect on my emotion state. Different people cope with adversary in different ways. Maybe it is an emotional release, part of the mind's coping mechanism.








Hi Dingle,


Being diagnosed with a long-term condition is a shock to anyone.  It is normal for anyone to mourn the loss of the life they assumed they would lead..  However, as you read more about other Young Onset PWP's you will realise that there is still plenty to look forward to .  Its just different  And  In any case who can really  be sure what their future would have been .  Teaching tends to be all- consuming of time but try to hook up with other Young Onset Parkies. You can find out if there are groups in your area though "support for You

at the top of this page.


Best wishes" ..   

Thankyou EileenPatrica xx

Old  Parky plays havoc with our emotions. The feeling I get is more one of anger and frustration.

Hi Dingle,

I work in a nursery school and so know the full-on nature of the job you are involved in, 100% attention demanded at all times!! I don't have PD but was a carer for my mother who had PD for 10 years. Your diagnosis was only at the end of last term and so you have had a lot to deal with in coming to terms with that since then. I know what the busy first days of term are like. With lots also going on in your head, dealing with a PD diagnosis and not having seen the neuro yet - you have a lot on your plate right must be on an emotional roller-coaster. The suggestion to link with other young onset PD is a good one.

Being tired is part of PD and beginning of term is tiring for those without PD! .....I don't know where you are with medication or medical support and all of that will play havoc with emotions too. Have you been able to share your diagnosis with your work colleagues?

When things were tough as a carer, It was hard in the classroom - but the children were also a real boost and sometimes such a mood lifter!!

Good luck and hope that being on this site is helpful as is the rest of the PUK website with information and support...


Hi Keld

Thanks for answering . I work with year 1s and 2s . Not on any medication yet hopefully will get sorted in dec .The children do help love my job everyone at work knows told them as soon as i knew . Am very tired at moment but think it is just because trying to hold it together .

Thanks again

Dingle xx

I was told on the 20th April 2016, I haven't cryed at all, is that normal ? I thought at least its not something horrible, like a terminal brain thing, or finding out that I'm french. so I've just got on with it I suppose, I've not heard a thing from my doctor either. 

I see the nuro man on weds so we shall see what happens then.

I'm off to the pub now. bye bye.......