Can't tolerate increasing dosage

Terri has been receiving treatment for close on 12 months.
Initially Sinemet, but when she related to the consultant her side effects he decided that she was allergic to something in the meds and told her to stop taking them.
After a period of time he prescribed Ropenirol. She felt very ill within an hour and was violently sick shortly after.
The next attempt was Rasagiline which he said was less effective but he was running out of options. This was ok but little improvement of symptoms.

About 4 months ago he switched her to Madopar. Initially 1 tab 3 times per day, to gradually increase over time; 2,1,1 then 2,2,1 until reaching 2,2,2.
Again she had bad reactions as the dosage increased, so she has , until recently been taking 1 tablet 4 times per day.

About 5 weeks ago he reduced her to 3 Madopar and prescribed a Rotigotine patch Initially 2mg/24hr then after 2 weeks increasing to 4mg/24 hr

She was OK with the 2mg patch, so was quite hopeful when increasing to 4mg, but on the second day it was clear she wasn’t tolerating the increased dosage, so reverted to 2mg. That was approximately 2 weeks ago… Today she has again tried a 4mg patch with similar effects. By 8 pm she felt so ill that she took the patch off. An hour later she was sick.

The tremors have worsened since she started taking medication, but in each case she hasn’t been able to reach the recommended dosage.

Anyone had similar experiences?

Hi Peterh13,

I’m sorry to hear Terri is experiencing so many side effects with the increased dosage.
Unfortunately, taking a Parkinson’s drug that contains Levodopa, like Madopar, may develop side effects that can affect movement, and among the common ones, we can find dyskinesia, commonly known as tremors.
The best way to manage the side effects of Parkinson’s medication is to talk to Terri’s Parkinson’s nurse or specialist about adjusting her treatment regime.

I’m sure you’ll receive some more advice and experiences from our members soon, but in the meantime, you can find more information about Levodopa here:

or explore our blog to read our post on natural forms of Levodopa here:

Please remember that if you need further support on this in the interim, you can call our helpline and speak to one of our advisers on 0808 800 0303.

I hope this helps :blue_heart:

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