Capability termination

i have recently been diagnosed, my work involves working on LIVE electrical equipment, i have seen the HR manager who has explained i can go down the capability route which will lead to my termination of employment.

I am happy to do this as my financial circumstances are secondary to my health as the stress my work causes me is no longer tolerable and i feel i am at risk  due to my tremors and forget fullness.

If anyone has experienced this termination of employment i would appreciate any help in particular what should i expect to receive in terms of final severance payment as this was not discussed at the meeting with my HR manager. she asked me to give it some thought and decide wether i wanted  to go down this route.

thank you for any help/advise 

Hi Kensington,

If you're a trade union member, you can ask your union for advice.

Please remember you can also ring our helpline on 0808 800 0303 to speak to our benefits and employment adviser.

All the best,

Ilona (Moderation Team).


Thank you IIona, i will take your advice and make a call in the morning.


worth reading about protection and reasonable adjustments under the disability act 2010.

You should look into severance or early retirement on medical grounds. You should not just be simply terminated due to your condition without compensation.

Will look out for updates with interest so keep us posted.


Hi Kensington,

You have some excellent advice there from Ilona and C.

As I understand it your employer has an obligation to do all they reasonably can to adjust your job to account for your diagnosis. If that isn't feasible then they have a further obligation to look for other roles that you could do. It sounds like your HR manager might be jumping the gun a bit.

It is worth understanding your options before making such a big decision. There are plenty of parkies out there who are still working. 

I hope that helps 


Hi EF & CB 

your advise and support is much appreciated, will post with developments as they progress.