I was diagnosed with PD in 2007. I am 73, I go to PD Gym Classes in Birstall, Leicestershire I find it invaluable, we are all in the same boat and have PD in various stages. Would recommend this to anyone. Bridge4 is the Gym I use JD the Physio is second to none.

What I am hoping is for someone who suffers with Captocormia and if so is there anything that helps. I have a stoop at almost 45 degrees now and am virtually unable to stand up straight. Among my medication I take Pramipexole and after reading some of you comments decided to read the leaflet that comes with the medication and I find to my horror it states I May find I get this back condition. It reads as though if I get the back condition to tell my Neurologist - is this true? should I not be on this medication. Would appreciate any information any fellow PD comments.


My mother has had PD for over 30 years, and is now 90. Since it’s onset she has gradually become bow-legged, and her frame is almost fully doubled.
I’m told that it is the result of the PD and not her medication.
This curve in her spine and her bowed legs don’t diminish her wanting to move or walk if she wishes.
I believe as her carer that you should tell your neurologist/PD nurse everything that worries you, no matter what/how small.


Thank you for your input. I was scheduled to see the Neurologist In January, but it was cancelled - now set for July. I emailed the Parkinson Nurse before Christmas, she called me and said she would look into it. I see her in April. So hopefully will talk to her then. Thank you once more Diane


Back getting much much much worse. Is there anyone out there with any help? The stoop is much worse, giving me stomach ache now with bending along with heart burn despite taking meds for this. I now have other problems which I believe is from my back condition - constipation being the worst along with trapped wind which is painful and very embarrassing. I can put up with other Parkinson Problems, but this - its driving me bonkers. I can’t stand up straight at all and it is now hurting my hips. Sorry to whinge on and on - I know we all have symptoms and pain. BUT any suggestions will be gratefully received


You may be suffering from Osteomalacia, caused by chronic lack of vitamin D. It is relatively easily diagnosed by a blood (serum) test and treatment is effected by massive D3 dosage. I recommend you arrange a test via your GP asap and be guided by the results. There is a great deal of information available on the condition and D3, which is far more than just a vitamin.


Thank you for that, will look it up and make then make an appointment with my GP