Car adaptations

I’m in the early stages with mild symptoms and not yet on any medication.
The one thing that is a problem is that when I sit in certain positions for any length of time, I get a kind of fizzing in my right leg and it feels like I don’t have proper control of it. Although this has yet to affect my driving to any great extent, I worry that it will become a problem.
I currently drive a manual car but am looking to change to an automatic, and have also looked into getting an adaption that means I can drive with my left foot as this is not affected at all.
Has anyone got any experience of this or advice on options?
Thank you.

Hello Bexby. Ask your GP to refer you to one of the specialist disability advice and driving centres scattered around the UK as they will be able to assess you and give you expert advice individualised for you. It’s what our disabled daughter did and we were amazed by just what is available to make driving easier - and safer. Worth doing before you decide on a particular make/model for the new car.
Link here

Thank you. That sounds good. B