Car assist

Hi everyone
Last Sunday had to take OH to A&E because of severe pain, this was on advice from 111! When we reached the dept I couldn’t safely help OH out of car as he was collapsing with pain and when I requested assistance was told they weren’t allowed and I should ring 999! One nurse did hold the chair whilst I physically lifted my OH who is 81 out of car, I must say a neighbour had helped me get him into the car.
What I want help with is are there any aids out there that are known to work? Don’t want to waste money on something useless.
Also had trouble getting him back into car 7 hours later, don’t know what I would have done without help from the smokers outside A&E!
Thanks in advance

Hi - there are a lot of different aids and/or car adaptations that might help, from relatively simple swivel cushions to more sophisticated hoists. It would be best to get advice from an occupational therapist about the most suitable. Your GP should be able to refer you to one.

Good luck & thank goodness for smokers!

I think you should get in touch with PALS for the hospital. It is ridiculous if someone cannot be helped into the hospital from a car. If those are the rules, then they need to be changed.

Hello we use a car hoist, fitted in the front of the car called Smart Transporter fitted and sold to us by
Ergo Mobility ([email protected])they were extremely helpful and I did visit the factory to check,
have had it 8 months and it works really well transferring from wheelchair to Honda cry car from seat.

hope this is helpful