Car help Please

Hi,  My Mum was diagnosed with Parkinsons about 4 and half years ago, its getting to the stage now where she needs an easier car to get in and out of. My Mum doesn't drive, and is only just about to get a wheelchair, for occasional use. 

As it will be the last car My parents will buy,(their words not mine) they want it to be right for the future, and a larger wheelchair. Ease of access etc.

Mum is only 5ft tall, so not too high a sitting position. What sort of things do we need to look out for?

Mum hasn't yet registered as disabled, and says she doesn't want to get a motability allowance. How much of a benefit is this?

Any advice on cars, requirements would be great.

Many thanks.





 We find our Ford B max good for getting in and out of, but you will need to check the boot space for your wheelchair good luck                                                                                                                                                                                                       Billyw

Thank you for your reply. I will take them to have a look at Fords as well.


I've got a Golf Plus at the moment - seats are higher than the standard Golf which makes getting in and out easier.  The back seat slides forward giving a bit extra bootspace too.  My friend with MS, which has a lot of similar symptoms, has a VW Tiguan and he finds that great too.

I have a Skoda Yeti, very easy to drive and although they are slightly higher than the average car they are very easy to get in and out of.  The back seats all slide forward (3 of them) independently, and it is a really easy car to drive.  Likewise, although it is a Skoda, most of the build in VW, so very reliable.

My mother found a 'turning circle' on the passenger seat useful in helping her get in and out of a car....can't recall the proper name of it but I got it at a Disability aids shop. A flat disc with another circle under it that allows you to get into the car and sit on the seat and then enables easier turning to a forward facing position. (Not unlike a lazy susan for the dinner table!!)  Just looked it up it's a Swivel Seat

there is another device that you fit temporarily on the door to hold onto to aid getting in as well - again can't recall it's proper name!  Just looked it up it's a Handy Bar

If space allowed sometimes I used to put Mum's wheelchair behind one of the front seats - upright - but that depends on the type of car and leg room needed in the front! - and the size of the wheelchair...