Car hire abroad

I informed DVLA about my diagnosis and they have replaced my licience with a three year renewable one.
Will this affect my ability to hire a car abroad?

Hello Spinone … You don’t tell us your age. I know that 70 is an age where one can run into difficulties. Usually just for an added premium.

Obviously it will vary from country to country. Some might be a problem.

Best to book car hire before you travel & inform the operator that you have Parkinson’s & a medical licence.

Best wishes

Having a three-year renewable license due to a medical diagnosis shouldn’t generally affect your ability to hire a car abroad. However, rental companies have their own policies, so it’s a good idea to check with the specific rental company in the country you’re visiting to ensure there are no issues.

It might affect it, as rental policies vary by country. I’d recommend contacting the rental companies abroad directly to explain your situation. They can provide the most accurate information. Safe travels!

Having a three-year renewable license from the DVLA shouldn’t significantly affect your ability to hire a car abroad, but it’s always best to check with the rental company beforehand. Each country has different policies. If you need reliable transportation, consider Limo Hire in London. They have a good variety of cars and can inform you with the all information you need.