Car Insurance Premiums

I'm early stages with mild symptoms, but have notified DVLA, and am dreading telling insurance company for fear of what might happen to the premiums.

What are people's general experiences from their insurers when informing them? No change? +25% ... more?



hi it would prob be best too have already contacted them by now asap as diagnosed?.

I have read it should not go up. I contacted my insurance people on the day of diagnosis and told them, the lady said something along the lines of we just record the info too your file it  shouldn't effect your premium, I spose i'll find that out in May on renewal. i still have a full licence even though it's a short period one of 3 yr's.

Hi - There was no change in my premium when I informed insurer recently.

there was no change in mine when renewed after telling them . 

dvla take ages to sort license out . have to wait for letter from consultant then wait for them to sort 3 yr licence .i notifyied in sept , they got consultant letter january , have had letter saying ok got 3 yr license but still not recieved it 

Hi Drewster,

Ditto for me really. I got my new 3 year licence through last week, but because it is still a full licence there was no change in my insurance premium.

Kittens3  - that wait sounds about the same as mine - could arrive any day now!




Hi everyone good evening i have just had my Hgv license revoked …i have also have been told to return my license to exchange for a 3 yearly one…i was wondering how do i stand with my new insurance company…do i have to inform them of new license and what happens with my no claims bonus is it affected…im at a loss at the moment any advice would be great thanks in advance :+1:

I had to hand my old full licence in I had held since 74 and they give me a 3 yr medical one. Not sure but they may have knocked some of the categories of vehicle off the list . Car insurance say PD makes no difference to price.

Does having a full licence but having to renew it every three years count as a restricted licence for car insuarnce?

Hello chissymoo … I have Atypical Parkinson’s. I have told the DVLA & told my insurers who were LV. They told me that there is no premium to what I pay & I did not have to tell them. But they said others Insurers may be different.

I only drive myself & the odd passenger. If I wanted to drive others as a job I might have difficulties as I might if I was driving a mini bus, motor home or lorry. But I don’t so I haven’t checked.

Best of luck

Dont worry too much about not receiving your license, you. Can still drive under section 88 even if your license has expired