Car sickness

Do any other Parkinson’s sufferers get car sick? Ive never been able to read or send texts etc when sitting in a car but now i seem to get car sick just by sitting still. Im wondering if its yet another symptom of having Parkinson’s.

Does this happen to anyone else?

I’ve always suffered from car/motion sickness as a passenger which is definitely getting worse i especially have an awful sensation of speed even though we arent speeding?

My husband couldn’t travel well in the back of cars and still can’t (post PD) diagnosis. He is okay in the front. Interestingly some years back prior to his mobility declining we went on a holiday on a canal barge (having previously done this some years ago with no problems). This time however he really struggled the slow gentle movement made him nauseous all the time even sat outside he struggled. He spent a lot of the holiday walking the tow paths. I do wonder if the drugs actually make it worse as he now seems to have little awareness of where his body is and how to move it, for example getting him into bed (he is now a full time wheelchair user) he slides across and gets his legs onto the bed. I say move up the bed and move your legs across more, he hears me and try’s to do it but can’t always co-ordinate his movements. Best wishes Jane

Thanks for your replies. Im definitely so much worse in a car. Even on a bus I cant believe some people are reading a book or a newspaper i definitely couldn’t! Never had a problem in a train though.

Im going to mention it to my Consultant next time I see him.
Regards xx