Has anyone had their Levadopa prescription change from Sinemet to Caramet and found
a noticeable difference in the outcome, ie, I feel really bad again, really shakey etc.
i believe caramet is the generic form of sinemet made by Teva of Israel whose big money earner is Azilect. Especially if you are on the slow release version the effect might be quite different. If its not working tell your gp and they should put you back on the brand name. If they say its exactly the same thats bollocks - the chemical is the same (hopefully!) but the delivery mechanism is different - and with levadopa that can make all the difference. eg if the tablet dissolves in the wrong part of the gut or too quickly it wont be absorbed as well. the actual shape and binding agents of the tablet matter as much as the effective chemical. Many people have found generics to be a poor substitute.
Thank you Turnip, very much appreciated, will get onto my GP on Monday
I agree with turnip; some generic drugs are not as effective.

Our situation was with a generic Ropinirole being substituted for the brand one, Requip, that OH had been on for years. Our GP put them back onto Requip and matterswent back to as they were.

Generic drugs may contain the same active ingredient but what they are bulked out with can differ greatly.