Carbidopa/levodopa 25mg Sticking in Throat

Hi All

I have been on Controlled Release Levodopa for about five years. Over the past few prescriptions my pharmacist has given me a different brand name ‘Caramet’. Two problems:

  • although it is controlled release and we are not meant to break then in half - sometimes because of side effects, I need to. I cannot break these tablets.

  • they get stuck right at the back of my mouth when swallowing. They appear to ‘go down’ but then I realise the tablet is stuck. I need to gulp down water to shift it. I don’t have this problem with anything else. Is it me or the tablet?

I have requested my previous brand back - but it appears they are out of stock.

Have you tried taking with a spoon of yogart?

I think drinking water before I start may help, I’m more interested in the fact it is only these tablets I have trouble with and wonder why. I don’t particularly have a swallowing problem.

You need more water in your mouth when taking them, and tske some water to wet your throat just before taking them, thst should do the trick.