Cardigan Cure

My five year granddaughter made me giggle today. I was sat having a cup of coffee and she said to me . Why does your arm shake? is it cold?
I replied well it could be, i’ll have to think about that. She disappeared, to return with my cardigan . Here grandma put this on and get warm, it will stop shaking then.

Oh if it were all that simple…Doctor tells you , you have Parkinson’s go get a nice cardigan and all will be well hahaha
awh bless her
Esme x


Such innocence but wouldn’t it be wonderful if all it took was a cardi.
Made me smile. One for the family storybook that will probably embarrass her in ten years time and wanting to be a cool teenager.

what a llovely story - give her a hug from me

That goes down under the category of priceless. Such a lovely child looking after Grandma. :innocent: