Cardigans or pullovers - the best way?

Putting a cardie on my Mum. There has to be a better way than her twisting her arm up, with same fluency, and expression on her face the cat had when I used to dress it up as a kid.

Cardies do work best when you sit her on a sort of stool or poof with her arms behind her, you can just slide the cardie on up her arms gradually, but if she's sat in a chair you can't do that and there's all this jiggery pokery.

Pullovers mess up her hair of course. Mind you, and a bit random this, but Mum always had her hair permed at the hairdressers and only a few years ago did I realise it was better not to, after a couple of weeks it looked a right mess. Unless you have very thick hair, it tends not to hold up too well, especially after washing. Now it's just washed and maybe set a bit, this with her weight loss* makes her look quite dapper.

* Not promoting anorexia, just she was always 2 stone overweight as a Mum.
hello Clive .. What a lovely caring son , carry on as you are doing . You obviously adaptable and will ways and means ..

i find if you start with the side affected most it helps . ThaT is if you there is one , and with over the head garments give them a good stretch first and then thing applies start with the most affected side ..

I usually ask him to maKe a fist as he puts his hand through as well ..

When ever we do go out out I have to insist that my husband wears a jacket because he hates having to take off and put it back on when in company ..