Care at home

We all appreciate the wonderful carer's that come into our homes to help us cope with our daily lives, but whilst I have been away from the forum one of my very dear friends has had several items taken from his home.

As this is going to the high court I can't say too much but please keep all your valuables locked away and check regularly as the person suspected was a very helpful cheery person who everyone trusted and liked, but the charges go back a few years.
Please if you have or know anyone with problems both physically or mentally who may not be able to check suggest a family member checks for them.
This case covers a wide area and we shall be able to say more in a couple of months, one point, my friend didn't report the missed items because he didn't see the items being taken so thought he couldn't report it, you must contact the police first not the agency I have very good reasons for saying that and all will become clear soon.

Sorry to add to your problems

best wishes

Hello Vivian and welcome back ., I have been missing you .

How dreadful is that latest post , especially for people who need reliable caring honest carers .

I hope they come to a good conclusion for your friend ..

I am not a suspicious person at all and I really don't want to become one but it does open your eyes .

Hello Jonnie,

So glad to hear from you I have sent you an email but its stuck in the outbox.
I have had several problems with the laptop but at last am back on only I have to get my son to load all the usual stuff back on to be completely up to scratch.

Yes it is shocking and I feel he has been let down but can't say anymore at the moment but what I can say is that is doesn't matter how nice people are you have to be on your guard. I had more than 100 carer's over the years and was very lucky but then I was always around, for someone living on their own its more difficult.

I have a heavy cold at the moment so will not go to see my husband tomorrow but he has been having a very difficult time and I have just sorted out the Chiropodist Dentist and Hair dresser for him in fact I got so fed up waiting for them to take him I just said I need his carer to come out with us and got it done.
I am still very concerned that there are not the nursing homes experienced for early onset pwp's and the still dreadful lack of understanding of the complications of long term medication but without money to buy a place I am just battling on.
Please let me know how you both are.
best wishes

Hallo from jackmin,
Big problem1 My wife aged 91, has PD and since leaving hospital in january has been in a very good nursing home. Since day one she has wanted to come home and although I am scared at the prospect, feel this will do so much for her morale.
Social services are busy deciding what care they will be able to provide but the problem of turning her in bed overnight is unsolved. I am 90 and still able to do the housekeeping side of things - cooking, cleaning,shopping etc. but cannot do any of the real caring as this seems to take two people to do anything.
Any suggestions? need your ideas.

Thanks for listening,

Hello Vivian . Sorry not to reply to your last post .

You are right , I didn't receive your E mail . never mind maybe you will get your laptop sorted . Mine was getting so slow and I had deleted lots of things I shouldn't have even touched in the first place and nobody could sort it out ..

I ended up buying myself an I Pad . My brother in law set it all up for , I love it , it is so quick and easy .

Although smaller than my laptop I find it easier to see .

I can't even remember what the message was that I had sent you now .

has your friend got any further with her problem re carer .

My husband has been into hospital for an knee arthroscopy . He had an OP three years ago on the same knee , had a patella femoral replacement . We went private n.e cause the wait was so long and I couldn't even get him as far as the toilet . Well iTbwasnt very successful and eventually he was referred no NHS .

We had three cancellations before he eventually got in although normally. done as a day patient because of the ParkiNsons and he has Atrial fibrillation had to stay in , We were both anxious about him going in because he is so reliant I on me . I typed out a lost of all the things he needed , They couldn't have been more helpful , they appreciated all that I had explained and didn't think I was a busy body , The male nurse named me SUPERWOAMN , they just didn't know how to handle him he has a profile bed at home with a waterproof mattress but I have a topper on it . He was a bath of sweat all the time he was in and his skin which I keep perfect was becoming a worry .I was desperate to get him home , they did their very best for him for which I am grateful .

They made us wait until the OTs came round and she was determined to get him into rehab . It would have undone all the handwork I have put in during the last seven years . She was doing her job and I don't blame her for thinking that it was too much for me and not safe . I siddenly realised why they were having trouble . getting him in and out of bed or the chair . The floor although spotless was Dangerously slippery for him . Once I explained to them and showed them How I managed him they released him with the promise of arranging the reenablement team and OTs out to us . I

My daughter and I got him home at last and we haven't looked back , Cannot say his knee has improved yet but we keep hopeful .

HE HAS BEEN HOME FOR 10 DAYS AND STILL NOT HAD A PHONE CALL FORM SOCIAL SERVICES YET . . I am glad really although it is wrong . Parkinsons is such a complex condition isn't it . John keeps changing day to day and even hour to hour , so if they'll did come and give him physio if they don't happen to arrive when he is in a good hour it is a waste of time and will be far too much for him .

He isn't a difficult man and will try most anything I ask of him , we do have our hairy moments of course .. I have arranged an alarm set up and he keeps a door bell on his table if I Amin the garden or even upstairs . I can usually find my way around making things work . Don't know for how long of course .

I have enjoyed reading your post you are very well versed in Parkinsons and very helpful . I think we are on the same wavelength in as much if something has worked for us want to pass it on to others .

Well thankfully we have had one of better days today . Maybe it's because my husband enjoys watching the racing from Cheltenham , he still enjoys a little flutter .

Thanks for your reply and I will try and keep in touch . Rita