Care for dad

please can some one help me... my dad has parkinsons disease that has progressed very quicly since november last year.. he had a emergency operation to have a gall bladder removed which had gone undiagnosed and it got all infected and became stuck to the pancreeas and liver ect.. we nearly lost him was in intensive care for a while...

we have been having carers come in for half hour in the morning and half a hour at night, they are very helpful but unfortunatley i have to get my dad up at  4am most mornings as he cannot lie for long in bed.. dad is insulin dependant for diabetes and also has a catheter due to prostate problems.. ivew done all the hard work of getting him into and out of bed as when carers come its to late dad walks with a frame but he now cannot walk far due to falling and being unsteady..

can some one advise me.. we were told by a social worker 2 weeks ago that i can become my dads main carer and she allocated dad after a assestment 28 hrs a week.. i am about to hand in my notice for work i have to give 4 weeks.. she said to us it has to go to a panel but could see there being no problems.. last week dad was admmitted into hospital for a urine and chest infection and problems with diabetes.. we had a phone call from another social worker whom informed us we cannot get 28 hours a week for dad only 45 mins a morning at 11am.. and that i probably cant be dads carer.. this has caused so muchstress for my poor mum whom her self is physically disabled and before dad became ill he was mums carer.. we are in a dark hole .. the first social worker has left her job on friday and new social worker has informed us we have been given false information...

can i become dads carer..

what do i apply for

any support out there as we feel so alone

many thanks

sue, ron and wendy xx

Hello tutusue. I'm really sorry to hear about you and your Dad. I'd say ring the helpline (number on every page as soon as you can. And/or go see your nearest citizen's Advice Bureau also straight away. I'd also not hand my notice in till you have a better idea what the deal is.

Hope this helps


thankyou for your advice although i been a member on here a year this is the first time ive looked at the site since.. thankyou for your help xx