Care home for early onset parkinsons

My brother aged 40 has early onset parkinsons and sadly his marriage has ended and he has no live in carer. He is currently spending all day managing on and off periods, and he cannot find the energy to look after himself. He wants to look at care homes and I think it would be helpful if he could stay at one with a specialisation for parkinsons because he also struggles to communicate with the medical team that look after him and it is not going well. Can anyone recommend any? Ideally in maidenhead or bedofrdshire and hertfordshire? He is experiencing terrible paranoia about killing of close relatives so he is very unhappy at the moment. I wonder if anyone can relate to that and give advice.

Hi Beth,
Our helpline advisers can absolutely help you find support in your brother’s area. Please give them a call at 0808 800 0303.
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