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Hello all
I am new to the group today seeking any advice on getting care support for my father who has Parkinson’s. His health and well-being has deteriorated quite a bit in the last 2 years. My mother currently cares for him but still works full time. I live 60 miles away so unfortunately can’t pop in and out to help.
What are the first stages of getting some one in to help care in the home for him?
Thank you

Hello Nicci
Your local adult care services (social services) should be able to help. They will assess your father and your mother is entitled to a carers assessment in her own right if she so wishes.

Hi @Nicci,

I wanted to take a moment and welcome you to the community. I’m glad to see you’re already posting and that others are responding! Please do feel free to share, ask questions, post, and respond as much (or as little) as you’re comfortable.

We have an info section on our site that talks about support and services that are available, with an option to see what’s in your region. Some of this is more tailored to local groups and such, but perhaps you may find something useful there for your father.

I would also highly recommend that you contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303. Our advisers will be able to provide you with more guidance and resources on getting some extra support and care for your father, as well as your mother.

Both our community and out helpline are supportive, insightful, and there to help you.

Best regards,
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