Don’t believe it they have cancelled my appointment for the 30th July so I won’t have seen anyone for 8th and going to have to suffer even longer it’s an absolute joke the treatment I’ve had over the last 2 years the spealists and nurses should be held accountable but the medical profession cover each other’s backs and that’s a fact.

They should just give me a proscription pad and let me treat my self because I no what works for me and what doesn’t. Who am supposed to see now when my condition is getting worse because after 9 years it’s not going to get better, or are they just hoping I go away because that what it feel like. Parkinson uk should do a survey of all the people in the uk and I mean all and ask them how they about there treatment because I no there is a lot of unhappy people, maybe you should put the money into getting people the treatment and drugs that are available now.

Hi Ken2468,
Sorry to hear that your appointment for next month has been cancelled. Looking at your previous posts I can see you’ve been keen to get the results from the symptom monitor that you were given to wear before Christmas.

Unfortunately, many people are having their appointments cancelled and postponed at the moment due to Covid-19, however it may be worth contacting your clinic to ask if they would consider doing a telephone or video consultation with you instead. Whilst telephone or video consultations cannot be the same as a face to face, this would at least hopefully allow you to find out the results of the monitoring, and discuss any changes to your treatment.

If you would like help in raising issues with your clinic, our helpline and local adviser service can help you talk through your options and rights as a patient.

Better services and treatments for people with Parkinson’s is at the heart of our work, and is a key part of our campaigns and excellence network.

You can get involved by joining our campaigns network and share your knowledge and experience to help us campaign and shape better services across the UK.

Warm regards,
David - Moderation Team