Carer funding

Things have been getting on top of me the last year, so I applied for a home help and was lucky enough to get 24 hours a week and have a wonderful Angel come in Monday-Friday, not only has she got my home in order but she’s also great company as I live on my own, then BAM, the rug has been pulled from underneath my feet and having had a financial assessment they have told me I have to pay over £300+ a month and now I’m in absolute bits at the thought of loosing her, while I can possibly afford it if I make drastic cut backs and eat only beans on toast and not go out at all I’m also worried that as my gas/electric will increase by over £400 in August and the cost of living is increasing they don’t have taken this into account, I have appealed and now have to wait while constantly crying over this and so far on night 3 of not sleeping…, :cry:

We’re so sorry to hear this, Angela. No one should have to waste so much energy on worrying about money in a situation like yours. Have you spoken to our adviser team yet? They may have some suggestions and/or references they can provide that can help. As a reminder, it’s free and confidential. You can reach them at 0808 800 0303.
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Hello Jason, they have upheld their decision, if I wish to keep my carer I have to pay the full amount, it’s not fair as they won’t consider so much , I’ve worked everything out and I’m left with around £26 to live on !!! I’m so sad and it’s making me feel so Ill and I’ve a constant headache from crying …. I’ll try the tram but as they have upheld their decision I’m not sure what can be done ( I am taking my complaint further x

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